Learning Python with Advent of Code Walkthroughs

Dazbo's Advent of Code solutions, written in Python

Advent of Code 2021

Welcome to AoC 2021!

A clumsy elf has dropped the sleigh keys into the ocean. You need to recover the keys in order to save Christmas.

This was a tough AoC. The first half was easy enough. But the second half had a lot of time-consuming challenges. I had taken a few days off work over Christmas. And it was just as well. I needed the time!!

Ready to save Christmas? Follow the links below.

Day Index

  1. Sonar Sweep
  2. Dive!
  3. Binary Diagnostic
  4. Giant Squid
  5. Hydrothermal Venture
  6. Lanternfish
  7. The Treachery of Whales
  8. Seven Segment Search
  9. Smoke Basin
  10. Syntax Scoring
  11. Dumbo Octopus
  12. Passage Pathing
  13. Transparent Origami
  14. Extended Polymerization
  15. Chiton
  16. Packet Decoder
  17. Trick Shot
  18. Snailfish
  19. Beacon Scanner
  20. Trench Map
  21. Dirac Dice
  22. Reactor Reboot
  23. Amphipod
  24. Arithmetic Logic Unit
  25. Sea Cucumber