Learning Python with Advent of Code Walkthroughs

Dazbo's Advent of Code solutions, written in Python

Advent of Code 2015

Welcome to AoC 2015, the first ever Advent of Code!

Santa’s weather machine is fresh out of stars. You need to collect stars in order to power the machine.

Ready to save Christmas? Follow the links below.

Day Index

  1. Not Quite Lisp
  2. I Was Told There Would Be No Math
  3. Perfectly Spherical Houses in a Vacuum
  4. The Ideal Stocking Stuffer
  5. Doesn't He Have Intern-Elves For This?
  6. Probably a Fire Hazard
  7. Some Assembly Required
  8. Matchsticks
  9. All in a Single Night
  10. Elves Look, Elves Say
  11. Corporate Policy
  12. JSAbacusFramework.io
  13. Knights of the Dinner Table
  14. Reindeer Olympics
  15. Science for Hungry People
  16. Aunt Sue
  17. No Such Thing as Too Much
  18. Like a GIF For Your Yard
  19. Medicine for Rudolph
  20. Infinite Elves and Infinite Houses
  21. RPG Simulator 20XX
  22. Wizard Simulator 20XX
  23. Opening the Turing Lock
  24. It Hangs in the Balance
  25. Let It Snow