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Dazbo's Advent of Code solutions, written in Python

Advent of Code

Welcome to Dazbo’s Advent of Code Walkthroughs

I’ve been using Advent of Code as a way to improve my Python skills. In this site I have written a number of Python introductory guides, as well as documented my solutions across the various AoC years. My hope is that this site will help others to:

Use the navigation above to jump straight into an AoC year. If you’re completely new to Python, check out the Getting Started with Python page first.

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What Will You Find in the Python Journey?

Here you will find a set of pages that guide you through many Python concepts. You can read these pages on their own. But also, you’ll find that many of my AoC solutions point to these pages, because I reuse certain fundamentals and approaches over and over again.

What is Advent of Code?

An awesome coding challenge created by Eric Wastl, released every December. A new problem is presented each day through the month. Typically the best way to solve any given problem is by writing a program. The program can be written in any language and with any tools you like. You don’t need to be an expert coder to do AoC; in fact, AoC is a great way to learn a programming language.

Some problems are quite trivial and can be solved quickly; others can be a total PITA. Typically, the problems get harder as the month progresses.

You don’t have to wait until December to try your hand at AoC though. All the previous AoC events are available, and can be completed at any time.

Each day is split into a Part 1 and a Part 2. A star is awarded for each completed challenge. If you get 50 stars, you save Christmas!

Advent of Code

My Solutions

Feel free to peruse the source code directly. Each day gets its own folder, which is named for some of the key Python modules and techniques used in that solution.


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