Learning Python with Advent of Code Walkthroughs

Dazbo's Advent of Code solutions, written in Python

Advent of Code 2022

Star Fruit

Welcome to AoC 2022!

It’s time to save Christmas once more!

We do this by collecting stars each day. This year, the stars are food for the reindeer!

Follow the links below.

Day Index

  1. Calorie Counting
  2. Rock Paper Scissors
  3. Rucksack Reorganization
  4. Camp Cleanup
  5. Supply Stacks
  6. Tuning Trouble
  7. No Space Left On Device
  8. Treetop Tree House
  9. Rope Bridge
  10. Cathode-Ray Tube
  11. Monkey in the Middle
  12. Hill Climbing Algorithm
  13. Distress Signal
  14. Regolith Reservoir
  15. Beacon Exclusion Zone
  16. Proboscidea Volcanium
  17. Pyroclastic Flow
  18. Boiling Boulders
  19. Not Enough Minerals
  20. Grove Positioning System
  21. Monkey Math
  22. Monkey Map
  23. Unstable Diffusion
  24. Blizzard Basin
  25. Full of Hot Air